Michelin Dealer in Dubai

Michelin Dealer in Dubai

With their fast-growing community, Motor Center Maintenance has also partnered with MichelinNorth America, Inc. to retain their customers’ satisfaction and ensure good-quality products to the clients.

Michelin constructs and sells tires for different kinds of motors like airplanes, automobiles, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles. They operate in North America, Canada and, Mexico. Each country has a headquarter operation for Michelin makes sure to be close to their customers – this is their long-term strategy.

Knowing this, Motor Center wants to make sure they will be affiliated with the best; that’s why they are now partners with Michelin. Michelin yields tires of every category in the market like Passenger and light truck tires, Heavy duty truck tires, Recreational vehicle tires, Earthmover tires, Agriculture tires, Aircraft tires, Motorcycle tires, and Bicycle tires – same with Motor Center. With the two combined, clients will be able to receive the best service from both big companies.

Like any other group of companies, Michelin’s success can also be affiliated with the people behind their company. Michelin is recognized to have extensive training programs for their sales force. These training actually help their sales force not only become valuable for their company but also help them become professionals in the future as well. Motor Center wants the same for their people, which is why they wanted to share Michelin’s values and give it to their own people.

Their core value is to protect the environment. Michelin is concerned about all the impact of their operations on the environment. Motor Center thinks the same, they also do not want to harm the environment, that’s why partnering with Michelin is one the best decisions they have made.

Producing the best quality tires isn’t just luck, but through hard work and perseverance, Motor Center and Michelin have proved to the market that they can create the best quality tires that their clients need.

From the year it was founded up to this day, Michelin guarantees that their products are in the best state, and at the same time, their operations would never harm the environment we live in. Since then, Motor Center has been seeking to be their partner for the benefits of their clients.

If they are affiliated with the best, they can also give the best service to their clients.

Motor Center Maintenance feels honored to be partners with Michelin and share their values with each other.