Our Services

  • RTA renewal

    RTA Renewal Registration in UAE

    With a vision of safe and regulated transport for all the UAE residents, Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is meticulously handling all the processes of planning and executing transport projects in Dubai, through the preparation and implementation of legislative and strategic plans which contribute to the overall development…

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  • Polishing and detailing

    Polishing and Detailing

    The art of polishing and detailing services in Dubai UAE depends on two main factors:  the use of high-quality car care products, and the use of proper detailing techniques. Motor Center Maintenance offer you a premium selection of the very best car care products and the skillful hands of our technicians…

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  • car engine

    Fully Equipped Body Shop Facility

    Motor Center Maintenance is perfectly able to perform your factory-recommended maintenance without the high costs and the inconvenience of taking it to the dealer. At our fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai, UAE; your car will be in good hands.  Having a reliable fully equipped body shop facility in Dubai is…

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  • Diagnostics

    Car Diagnostic Services

    Cars’ electrical problems can be difficult to precisely define for many, but with Motor Center Maintenance, car diagnostic services in Dubai, UAE became a laidback procedure. Our certified technicians have the skill, the experience and the advanced technology needed for smooth car diagnostic services in Dubai, UAE.…

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  • Air Conditioning Repairs

    Air Conditioning Repairs

    Have you been complaining that your car’s air conditioning is not cooling like it used to?  Well, it may be time for some air conditioning repairs. Lucky for you, Motor Center Maintenance has the best…

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  • Lube Services and Maintenance

    Motor Oil Services

    Motor Center Maintenance offers you a broad range of services that grants your car a protected engine and a safe drive; our motor oil services complement the comprehensive set of ideal solutions tailored for all your car maintenance needs.  The motor oil services provided by our specialized workshop is highly recommended, as all vehicles…

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  • Denting and Painting

    Denting and Painting

    At Motor Center Maintenance we do all what it takes to help keep your car in a great shape and condition. We are a complete one-stop solution for all motoring and maintenance needs, and denting & painting in Dubai UAE is definitely at its best with our team…

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  • Car Recovery

    Car Recovery

    As pioneers, the solutions provided by Motor Center Maintenance do not stop at our workshop doors, but go way beyond that… offering help and recovery car services for our clients wherever and whenever needed.   Our car recovery services in Dubai comprise…

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  • Fully comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical repairs

    Fully comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical repairs

    Motor Center Maintenance provides you with a fully comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical repairs in Dubai, UAE. Our highly skilled technicians and certified staff are always here to offer you any help required. Competitive pricing, high quality repairs and an extremely friendly and helpful atmosphere are what we present you among our…

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  • Tyres and Wheel alignment

    Tire and Wheel alignment

    When your tire and wheel alignment is off, your ability to drive safely is compromised, but when your tire and wheel alignment is perfectly fine, you will have better handle of your car.    If you’ve been wrestling with your steering wheel; your vehicle has hit anything on the road; your car is pulling to one side…

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