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3m commercial tinting
16-08- 2018

Check out Motor Center Maintenance's New 3M Commercial Tinting Service Now!

At Motor Center Maintenance, we never rested in giving the best kind of motor maintenance to all their clients. With all the services that we offer, rest assured that we can accommodate whatever kind of motor maintenance service that you will need. We, will soon open our doors to clients seeking our new service, 3M window tinting services in Dubai.

3m Window Tinting has now become easy and more accessible to anyone who needs it – mostly owners of commercial places who want to have efficient windows for their establishments. It is a knowable fact that these films give a lot of benefits to the building; hence a good choice to make it sturdier and appealing.

We will give Frosted Window Film, Safety and Security Films, and Sun Control Films in Dubai. Each film provides high-quality protection, security, and aesthetic appeal to the windows from which it is applied to.

Moreover, find out the reasons why you should opt for our 3M window tinting services:

These films give you better and clear views because of the visible light that it emits.

It reduces the infrared lights that come from the sun. The infrared light may not be visible in the human eye but we can feel it – and the window films will decrease the solar radiation and reject heat from outside, so it won’t feel too hot inside the building.

It can boost the comfort of the people inside the establishment as well as their security because the films can actually slow down intruders or reduce the breakage and damage. It is made from a durable and sturdy material which makes the films act as a protector and shield from external forces.

We know how too much UV rays are not so good for our health. In fact, it can bring diseases like skin cancer. For the establishments, however, UV rays are the reasons why floors and even the furniture fade – it’s because of too much exposure to the sun. And our window films can prevent these UV rays from making you feel uncomfortable.

Moreover, if you are in need of commercial 3M Film Tinting in Dubai, we, Motor Center Maintenance, are always here to give you all kinds of car and commercial services that you need.


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